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Treat yourself to a ski holiday in Obertauern, for maximum relaxation! We offer a unique offer for massages to make your holiday in Obertauern as comfortable as possible.

We will be happy to book your feel-good treatment at the reception or you can book it in advance when you make your hotel booking!

Classic Full Massage

Full-body muscle massage to remove tension and loosen muscles. Boosts blood flow to the muscles and skin. This leads to muscle relaxation and removal of metabolic toxins.
Duration approx. 50 min € 68,-
Duration approx. 75 min € 101,-

Relaxation Massage

Gentle full-body massage purely to relax.
Duration approx. 50 min € 68,-

Classic Partial Massage (back)

Normally the back is treated, though you can allow us to pamper your legs, arms or hands as well. This is a muscle massage designed to remove tension and loosen muscles.
Duration approx. 25 min € 37,-

Ski-Fit Massage

A leg and foot massage for the tired legs of skiers, intended to make muscles supple so that the next days of your holiday continue to be fun. If you opt for the knee treatment, we will spend more time massaging the knee area.
Duration approx. 25 min € 37,-
With focus on the knee approx. 45 min € 69,-

Combination Massage I

Consists of a ca. 10 min foot reflexology massage focusing on the spine and affiliated muscles, along with those of the neck and shoulder area. Followed by a ca. 15 min back massage.
Duration approx. 25 min € 41,-

Combination Massage II

Consists of a ca. 20 min foot reflexology massage und ca. 55 min full massage.
The combination of a foot reflexology massage and classic massage significantly intensifies the benefits for your muscles and body as a whole.
Duration approx. 75 min € 111,-

Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflexology body treatment through the feet, identifies weaknesses and treats them as needed.
Duration approx. 25 min € 47,-

Foot Massage

With soothing foot balm to revitalize tired feet.
Duration approx. 25 min € 33,-

Classic Facial Massage

Designed to nurture, pamper and relax.
Duration approx. 20 min € 33,-

Clear head

Head, ear and neck massage.
Duration approx. 25 min € 41,-

Lymphatic drainage

Soft, flowing and pumping massage to clear blockages and detoxify. Very soothing whilst removing built-up fluid in tissue.
Face approx. 20 min € 39,-
Body approx. 25 min € 48,-
Full-body approx. 50 min € 82,-

Cupping Massage for the Back

Begins with a relaxing back massage. Then, blockages in the skin layers and fasciae of the back are removed by means of cupping glasses, which simultaneously intensify blood flow and reduce muscle tension.
Duration approx. 45 min € 69,-
Cupping only approx. 20 min € 39,-

Cupping Treatment with Soft-Tissue Massage

This combination is particularly intensive. Blood flow in the treated regions is increased substantially, while connective tissue and the fascia are loosened and relaxed.
Duration approx. 45 min € 69,-

Soft-Tissue Massage

A stimulating massage that is very intensive, removes blockages in skin layers and fasciae, boosts blood flow and has reflex benefits for the organs. The treatment focuses on the back.
Duration approx. 20 min € 39,-
Including back massage approx. 45 minutes € 69,-

Hot Stone

A gentle massage for the whole body. Hot lava rocks and warm oil produce deep relaxation of mind and body. The heat emitted by the stone generates a wave of heat that flows through muscles and the rest of the body
Duration approx. 50 min € 81,-
Duration approx. 75 min € 111,-

Clam-shell massage

The clam shell radiates heat from within, the massage transferring that heat to the skin and body. This penetrating warmth induces pleasant muscle relaxation and a marvelous sense of wellbeing.
Body approx. 75 min € 111,-
Back approx. 25 min € 48,-

Stamp massage with alpine herbs

Activating, detoxifying – in other words, wonderful care for the skin, pure & simple. The herbal stamps are fi lled with select alpine herbs from the surrounding mountain world. The stamps are dipped in fragrant warm oils, then drawn over the body or face to a special rhythm.
Body approx. 50 min € 89,-
Facial treatment approx. 50 min € 89,-

Kiddies Massage with Chololate Oil

With pleasant massage holds and stroking motions, the legs and back are pampered. Those who prefer can enjoy the treatment with chocolate oil. After the massage comes a sweet surprise.
Duration approx. 20 min € 33,-
All prices are the final prices including Mwst (tax).
Subject to changes and errors without notice – all rights reserved.
Unfulfilled appointments or appointments which have not been cancelled with enough notice (at least 5 hour prior) will be charged the full amount. We ask for your understanding.
For a surcharge, we will be happy to lengthen the treatment time.
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