Treasure hunt in the snow in Obertauern

Gamsleiten Criterion – 13st to the 16th of April 2023

Treasure Hunt in the Snow

Have you always wanted to dig for treasure at 1,700 m above sea level? Then you are in the right place on your ski holiday in Obertauern, as the "Gamsleiten-criterion" is Austria’s largest treasure hunt in the snow!

The secret landmark of Obertauern, the Gamsleiten 2 ski slope, one of the steepest slopes of its kind in Europe, serves as a backdrop for the mega party.
Gamsleiten Criterion in Obertauern

Gamsleiten Criterion in Obertauern

  • A total of 30 hidden chests
  • A brand new BMW as the main prize
  • Numerous great non-cash prizes and travel vouchers
  • Treasure hunt on the Gamsleiten 2 ski slope, one of the steepest slopes of its kind in Europe
  • Fun in the snow at Austria's largest treasure hunt

Gamsleiten Criterion

Austria's largest treasure hunt in Obertauern
With wonderful mountain scenery on the Gamsleiten slopes, accentuated by good music, you have the opportunity to dig out a luxurious BMW. Every participant receives an appropriate tool and a place to dig and with a bit of luck you will soon be sitting in a brand new BMW.
Gamsleiten Criterion
Win a new car
Treasure hunt in Obertauern
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