Ski Week Waterslide Contest in Obertauern

Ski Week Waterslide Contest

The annual highlight to simply celebrate and have fun

If you look out of your window whilst on holiday at Apparthotel Almschlössl & Schrotteralm, and a skier glides on skis over a pool in the snow, then you know that it is Ski Week in Obertauern. The concept is relatively easily explained: People from the whole world meet in Obertauern and celebrate life and the winter. The whole week is filled with a varied programme of fun activities.
Ski Week Waterslide Contest – directly next to our hotel

Ski Week Waterslide Contest – directly next to our hotel

The aim is to glide across an artificial lake on skis or on a snowboard as quickly as possible. If you make it, then you are rewarded with thunderous applause, if you do not make it, then you get really wet!

The whole thing is jazzed up when our guests dress up in funny costumes or in traditional Austrian clothing.

Party atmosphere in Obertauern

A unique atmosphere, which you should definitely not miss out on!
An absolute highlight of the week is the Waterslide Contest directly next to our hotel.
Water Slide Contest directly next to our hotel
Party and fun
Fun event
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