Skiing on the Tauern circuit in Obertauern

Get on to the Tauern circuit, directly from the hotel

The ski network in Obertauern, the Tauern circuit

You can get up to the well-known Tauern circuit, directly from our hotel, with the 4 man chairlift "Kehrkopf". In order to be able to make the most of all the lifts on offer, with all their various runs, you have the choice of doing two different Tauern circuits. The prescribed skiing network allows you to ski, starting from one point, the whole Tauern circuit, and ending back at the point which you started from. Thereby making the most of the different snow, light and temperature conditions for your skiing enjoyment.
Skiparadise Obertauern

Red and Green Tauern Circuit

  • Discover the ski area of Obertauern on the Tauern circuit
  • 26 lift cable cars and lift facilities
  • The Tauern circuit can be skied both clockwise and anti-clockwise - depending on the snow, light and temperature conditions
  • Red Tauern circuit: approx. 12 km, 4,110 vertical metres
  • Green Tauern circuit: approx. 12 km, 4,614 vertical metres
  • Attractive runs beyond the Tauern circuit are possible
  • From and to the hotel on skis

Top class ski holiday in Obertauern

Take the Kehrkopfbahn from the hotel directly to the top of the slopes and let the skiing fun begin
The red Tauern circuit takes you up 9 lifts, in a clockwise direction, over approx. 12 kilometres through Obertauern. The green Tauern circuit includes 7 lifts and here you ski over 12 kilometres in an anti-clockwise direction. On both circuits, you conquer over an incredible 4,000 vertical metres and can make the most of the skiing network. To get off the circuit, you can use any ski lift you like.
Red Tauern circuit
Ski holiday in Obertauern
Green Tauern circuit
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