Guaranteed Snow on at 1.740 m above the sea level in Obertauern with a lot of natural snow

Snow guaranteed in Obertauern

Snow guarantee at 1,700 metres above sea level

Does this situation sound familiar? Would you like to spend a ski holiday with your family, get it booked as soon as possible and ask yourself the following question: Will there be enough snow when we go skiing in Obertauern? We can answer this for you: GUARANTEED!
Guaranteed snow

Obertauern is one of Austria’s snowiest winter sports areas

  • Obertauern is situated at 1,740 m above sea level and is the highest ski resort in Salzburger Land
  • The pledge of "guaranteed snow" is proven by a scientific study
  • Due to the exposed height of Obertauern, it gets a high proportion of natural snow
  • Skiing fun from November up until spring

Snow guarantee in Obertauern

Guaranteed snow at 1,700 m above sea level
Due to the height of Obertauerns location in Salzburger Land, it is one of the ski resorts which can be most certain of snow in Austria. Obertauern, at 1,740 m above sea level, is the highest ski resort in Salzburger Land. The slopes have always stood out, even since the start of the lifts, due to the large amount of natural snow and have been distinguished with the seal for "guaranteed snow".
Ski holiday in Obertauern
Winter paradise
Guaranteed snow
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