Skiing in Obertauern


Re-entry ski package in Obertauern

Today’s calendar page says it is 29 November 2021: You wake up and take a first look out of your window. A thick blanket of snow has neatly covered the mountain peaks during the night. You quickly head for the lift and are finally the first to go up again. With every breath you become more aware of each moment. Once you reach the top, paradise stretches out in its most beautiful dress – all in white. You your first swings, the fine grooves of the piste shimmering & your new skis run smoothly. Oh, how we have missed this! That indescribable feeling of freedom, the crackling of the snow under your skis, standing here at the summit - right at the top in Obertauern. Let us start together into a winter that is as multifaceted as a snow crystal: #takemebackonskis

Enjoy your anticipation now and let’s get back on skis together!
#takemebackonskis  re-entry package in Obertauern:
Skiing holiday in Obertauern

Price € 399,00

Package I 28.11.-01.12. | Package II 01.12.-04.12.2021

  • First Track Ticket - Let’s be among the first to open one of the area’s favourite slopes at 7:30am and carve along the freshly prepared piste.
  • 2-day ski pass
  • Voucher for € 100,00 - Redeemable in Obertauern.
  • 2-day refresher course - These packages include from 11am to 2pm with expertly trained and experienced ski instructors.

2-day refresher course

You can choose from:

  • Technique training
    We show you the latest tips and tricks to make skiing even easier for you – including video analysis and detailed feedback on your skills.
  • Guided ski adventure
    Together we carve to Obertauern’s most beautiful places.
  • Training for races
    Are you ready to experience speed again after a long break? During this training session you will get to know centrifugal forces in a very different way.
  • Avalanche safety training
    Safety first! Here we show you the latest off-piste safety standards and assessment methods. Together we will test your skills with the latest safety technologies.
  • New in 2021: Namaski
    The joy of skiing meets yoga flows. Let’s practice together at Obertauern’s most beautiful power spots.
  • Wedling
    Swivel like they used to! Our ski pros show you how to quickly find the right swing again and perfect your technique like an old-school connoisseur.
  • Snowbiking with Guiness world record Holder
    A great alternative to classic training on skis. This combination of skill & fun promises a great challenge!
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